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Yahoo Japan launches web-based Game Plus platform

New service focuses on HTML5 and cloud-streaming console titles

A new games venture centred around browser-based gaming has launched in the East, courtesy of Yahoo Japan.

Game Plus is a new platform that offers users HTML5-developed games as well as larger, console-style titles thanks to cloud-streaming, Japan Times reports.

The service launched earlier this week with 39 games on offer. The initial line-up ranges from casual games like Cosmic Pop and retro outings like 1985 MSX title Eggy, to console hits from Square Enix like Final Fantasy XIII and The Last Remnant.

Most games will be free-to-play with in-app purchases, while the heftier titles such as Square Enix's console RPGs will require a one-time payment. Square Enix is one of 52 publishers on board, along with Koei Tecmo.

Game Plus will no doubt help to further grow Yahoo Japan's audience, which has thrived since splitting from former parent Yahoo Inc. The company's search engine is already the second most popular after Google and is used by close to a third of Japan's population. With research suggesting Japanese gamers could spend ¥960bn on mobile games this year, the service could well grow the firm's revenues as well.

HTML5 is becoming increasingly popular as a tool to build and deliver games among firms. Earlier this year, Bandai Namco and Drecom invested $2.1m in founding a new HTML5 games studio, while today Kongregate reports that HTML5 is fully established as a games platform.

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