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Xsolla launches Xsolla Game Investment Platform

Program to provide independent developers additional funding and connect them with investors

Payment services company Xsolla announced today that it has launched the Xsolla Game Investment Platform.

The program aims to provide developers funding options which will allow them to finish and launch their titles.

Additionally, it will aid accredited investors with a selection of indie games that they can choose to fund.

Investment opportunities of the platform will be revenue-split based, which will provide investors the chance to receive returns from game sales.

To begin the launch of the program Xsolla and its affiliates will contribute up to $40 million.

"We're very pleased to announce a new class of securities that earn a return from game revenues," said president of Xsolla Chris Hewish.

"Independent game developers have few ways of bringing their projects to life, and many investors have no easy way to filter and understand the opportunities in this ever-expanding segment of the gaming market."

In April, Xsolla acquired data report tool developer Slemma.

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