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"Whole team" to work on Mass Effect 2 DLC

BioWare makes big commitment to downloadable content for new sci-fi epic

"Pretty much the whole team" will work on the downloadable content for forthcoming action role-playing sequel Mass Effect 2, according to project director Casey Hudson.

Speaking on Gametrailers TV, (picked up by That VideoGame Blog), Hudson commented that: "Once we’re done working on Mass Effect 2, pretty much the whole team switches into working on really cool downloadable content."

Although he was not specific about the nature of the downloads, the extra content for the original was criticised for its lack of variety and invention, compared to the main game.

"One of the things that we weren’t able to do technically was to have the support in the game itself for certain kinds of downloadable content," admitted Hudson of the first game. "It either had to be a huge pack or nothing."

In the sequel though he indicated that, "it’s technically possible to do a whole range of different kinds of downloads."

BioWare has already committed to a sizeable schedule of downloadable content for recent title Dragon Age: Origins, with extras of varying complexity available for the title at launch.

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