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Unity and Google Cloud announce partnership to create multiplayer development suite

Alliance aims to create server hosting, matchmaking tools to ease multiplayer game development in Unity

Unity and Google Cloud have announced a new partnership to make development of multiplayer and online games easier for teams of all sizes. The two companies are working on a suite of open source tools to support creation of connected games.

The goal of the partnership is to help both large and small developers tackle particular challenges involved in developing multiplayer games. The suite will include server hosting and matchmaking features that will be compatible with Unity and will run on Google Cloud. The project will be open source, furthering the project's stated goal of "democratizing game development," and will not require extensive knowledge of cloud technology.

"We're proud of the many Unity developers that collectively produce more than half the world's games," said Unity CEO John Riccitiello. "Multiplayer games have long been the fastest-growing type of games. Multiplayer games are also the most challenging to create and properly support. Our alliance with Google Cloud will help developers build multiplayer games more easily and operate them more cost-effectively, at a global scale."

In addition, Unity will migrate its infrastructure to Google Cloud.

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