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Ukraine seeks to remove Atomic Heart from game stores

Ministry issues caution against possible user data threats from the FPS and notes its funding from Russian enterprises

Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation seeks to remove Atomic Heart from digital storefronts within the country.

As reported by PCGamesN, per, the department called on countries to throttle distribution of the game due to "its toxicity" concerns around user data collection, and the possibility that money spent on the game will ultimately fund Russia's war against Ukraine.

The ministry will send a letter calling on Sony, Microsoft, and Value to ban the Mundfish-developed FPS from their platforms.

In a statement sent to PCGamesN, government officials said, "According to media reports, the game's development was funded by Russian enterprises."

"Therefore, we call for all users worldwide to avoid this game. We also want to emphasize that the game developers have not publicly condemned the Putin regime and the bloody war that Russia has unleashed against Ukraine."

Earlier this month, Mick Gordon, composer of Atomic Heart, announced that he had donated his fee for working on the title to aid people affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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