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Ubisoft announces free coding game Rabbids Coding

Educational PC title launches October 8 targeting reading-age children and up

Ubisoft has announced the coming launch of a new, free educational game intended to teach players how to code, called Rabbids Coding.

Rabbids Coding is planned for launch on October 8 and will be available through UPlay on PC. Players will attempt to clean up a space ship full of Rabbids by issuing coding commands to a mind-controlled Rabbid or dropping sausages where Rabbids can see them, motivating them to move. The goal is to solve each puzzle in the simplest way possible.

The game is targeted toward children of reading-age and up, with Ubisoft noting in its announcement that it hopes the game will be used in classrooms to teach coding as well.

"Rabbids Coding is about making programming fun and accessible for everyone and to show that actually it's not that complicated," said game director Olivier Palmieri at Keys to Learn, as reported by GamesIndustry.biz sister-site Video Games Chronicle. "It's about logic and simple instructions that you put in front of each other."

"We've created a handbook so that the game can be used in schools, by children or adults. With this guide you can make classes, whether that's at school or at home with your kids. It's a very easy and accessible way to explore the logic of programming."

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