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Ubisoft, Bungie, IO Interactive and Tequila Works mobilise to deal with post-Stadia fallout

UPDATE: Rockstar Games confirms that players who played Read Dead Online on Stadia can transfer their data

Original story, October 3: Publishers and developers are scrambling to support their players in the wake of Google's announcement that Stadia will be shutting down.

The troubled streaming service will close on January 18, 2023 – just over three years after it launched – meaning users will no longer have access to games they have purchased. But several companies are looking for workarounds.

Ubisoft, one of the biggest publishers to support Stadia with multiple releases, announced via Twitter that it is "working to bring the games you own on Stadia to PC through Ubisoft Connect."

Ubisoft Connect, formerly UPlay, is the company's digital marketplace on PC. The publisher has also promised an update for Ubisoft+ subscribers that relied on Stadia "at a later date."

Meanwhile, Tequila Works CEO Raúl Rubio confirmed that Gylt – the studio's puzzle adventure that was one of Stadia's first exclusive titles – will be ported to other platforms.

Other companies are endeavouring to transfer game progress away from Stadia, including Hitman developer IO Interactive and Destiny 2 studio Bungie.

According to the fan-run Destiny Bulletin account on Twitter, the studio posted a message to Stadia users that read: "We just learned about Stadia shutting down and have begun conversations about next steps for our players. We will announce and send out information regarding Destiny 2 Stadia accounts once we have a plan of action."

Bungie's comments echo those of other developers who reported last week they were not informed of Stadia's impending shutdown ahead of the announcement.

Update, October 7: Bethesda has confirmed that Elder Scrolls Online players will be able to transfer their accounts to PC, which will move in-game progress, items, inventory content and achievements. The company also said Stadia players already used PC servers, so their friends and guilds will also remain in tact.

Update, October 7: Rockstar Games will allow players to transfer their data from Red Dead Online on Stadia to PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

The news was shared on Twitter by content creator Colour. Rockstar explained that consumers who played the game within a specific timeframe are eligible for the move.

"…all active Stadia players who played Red Dead Online within the 30 days prior to Stadia announcing their shutdown will be able to carry over any earned rdo$, gold bars, xp, role xp, and role tokens…" the publisher said.

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