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Ubisoft: 3D TVs in "everyone's" home by 2013

"More important than a lot of people believe," according to marketing boss

Publisher Ubisoft has made the bold claim that the majority of homes will own 3D-capable TVs within three years.

Speaking to sister site, UK head of marketing Murray Pannel said "The truth is I think it is a technology that's coming. We can't ignore it. It'll start slowly this year. But like HDTV I wouldn't rule out the fact that this will be installed in everyone's living room in three year's time.

"For the naysayers, if you like, I would say, 'Just watch this space'... You have global corporations like Sony pushing 3D as hard as they possibly can, Sky showcasing 3D content on TV. I believe it will become a much more important part of consumer electronics than a lot of people believe."

Pannel also emphasised that Ubisoft had been ahead the curve on 3D, with last year's poorly-received Avatar game. "The technology was in its infancy and you couldn't buy 3D TVs at all," he said.

He confirmed more 3D games were on the way from the publisher, however.

Pannel's prediction reaches further even than a Sony-endorsed survey claiming that 40 per cent of TVs would be 3D by 2014, and recent polls suggesting around 30 per cent of consumers were considering in buying one.

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