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TIGA: Unity should rethink Runtime Fees and CMA should encourage more game engines

Trade body CEO says "It cannot be healthy for over 60 percent of developers to be using one games engine"

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UK video games trade association TIGA has said that Unity should reassess its proposed Runtime fees.

Its new statement also urged the CMA to encourage more competition in the game engine maker sector.

The trade body added that while larger gaming firms can absorb the new fees, it could make the business model for studios with large player bases and few paying consumers unsustainable.

TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson OBE said, "TIGA members are particularly concerned at the application of the fee to existing titles and the mere three months' notice provided. Studios cannot easily reskill existing staff, hire alternative engine programmers, and port games to another platform. Unity should reconsider its plans.

"The UK Government and the [CMA] need to promote greater competition in the games engine market. It cannot be healthy for over 60 percent of developers to be using one games engine."

The TIGA's concerns follow after the European Games Developer Federation called for EU regulation on non-negotiable contracts after backlash to Unity’s new install fees.

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