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The Game Developer's Playlist: The Evil Within 2 with Xalavier Nelson Jr. | Podcast

Narrative mind behind An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs talks about mood, monsters, and modular direction

The latest episode of The Game Developer's Playlist is now available to download.

This special series of The Podcast talks to developers about the titles that influenced their careers.

This time, we have Xalavier Nelson Jr., the creator of An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs as well as an award-nominated narrative mind behind Hypnospace Outlaw, Reigns: Beyond, Skatebird, and more.

Nelson Jr. is here to chat about The Evil Within 2, specifically its modular design. He describes the game as a "puzzle box" where pushing and prodding one element can impact the whole, and discusses its influence on his own thinking about game development and specifically his work on Dog Airport Game.

Game Developer's Playlist is an extension of a series we run on the site called Why I Love, in which developers explore their favorite games. You can find these articles here.

Title music by Julian Villareal.

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