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Tales Runner

Racing MMOG shortly to enter Chapter 2 : The Alchemist.

Sunnyvale, California- Feb. 11th, 2009 – The Tales runner team has successfully closed the door on Chapter 1 of its unfolding epic, Tales Runner, and proudly introduces Chapter 2 : The Alchemist.

With the release of their masterpiece “The Aladdin Maps”, the Tales Runner team is announcing the release of the long awaited Chapter 2, titled “The Alchemist”.

Chapter 2 will represent our largest addition of new game content and features to date. It will offer many challenging new maps, brand new characters, 2 pets, and hundreds of new items. We are also releasing our Alchemy System, which will change EVERYTHING!! Now you can create the most powerful items and gear in the game using Alchemy, and also upgrade that gear with materials earned at the end of each match.

We’ve also implemented daily GM Events, plus tournaments, sponsored exclusive in-game item giveaways, and more.

With so much content being added, it’s hard to put it down!

For up to date news and client downloads check it out at tr.gpotato.com! It is available to play completely for free.

[Introduction] Tales Runner

Tales Runner is completely free to download and play via the gPotato.com game portal (tr.gpotato.com), and is considered a “casual action adventure game.” The game play is similar to Sonic & Mario Kart but it’s about twice as fast and you can play with more than double the number of people.

Tales Runner also includes great MMORPG features such as a couple system, the new alchemy system, and a family system (coming soon).

Upgrades to your items, gear, and characters, are available throughout the game, regardless of a player’s level.

More than any of this though, Tales Runner lets you have fun with your friends and make new friends every time you play!

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