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Sony requests gender discrimination lawsuit to be dismissed

Lawyer says class-action lawsuit filed in November doesn't provide enough evidence

Sony asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit that was filed in November by a former PlayStation employee for gender discrimination.

According to Axios, a lawyer representing Sony argued that the class-action lawsuit doesn't provide enough facts and would put some women at PlayStation "in conflict with themselves."

"Despite the sweeping breadth of her lawsuit, the allegations in which SIE categorically denies, she fails to plead facts to support either her individual claims or the claims of the broad-based classes of women she seeks to represent," the lawyer said.

The plaintiff said in November that Sony allegedly doesn't provide the same career advancement opportunities to women as it does men, including in terms of pay, and that she was discriminated against and her employment terminated after she spoke out about it.

In response, Sony's lawyer said that the plaintiff failed "to identify a single policy, practice or procedure at SIE that allegedly formed the basis of any widespread intentional discrimination or had a discriminatory impact on women."

The lawsuit was filed just after Sony CEO Jim Ryan publicly criticised Activision Blizzard's response to the company's gender discrimination and harassment lawsuit.

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