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Simon Carless launches GameDiscoverCo

Former GDC co-runner establishes new research service and subscription newsletter to help tackle discoverability

Simon Carless today announced his next career move after ending his 16-year stint with the Game Developers Conference organizers earlier this month.

Carless has founded GameDiscoverCo, which promises to help developers and publishers crack the challenge of discoverability with a paid newsletter, research, and consulting services.

In addition, Carless will continue running the free Game Discoverability Now newsletter he launched in July of 2019.

"This is a culmination of the path that led me to set up the Game Discoverability Day at GDC, start this newsletter, and now found this company," Carless said in announcing GameDiscoverCo.

GameDiscoverCo is advocating a data-driven approach to premium console and PC games outside the AAA space.

As part of that, the company has enlisted former Valve contractor Lars Doucet to create mini-dashboards that subscribers to the paid newsletter will be able to access for additional insight and metrics on game discoverability.

The paid subscription newsletter is expected to launch "in the next few weeks."