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Sega to appeal Australian Aliens vs Predator ruling

Publisher still refuses to censor game, but seeks review of classification

Sega has applied to have the Australian classification of the forthcoming Aliens vs. Predator reviewed, after the company stated it would not censor the game to ensure a release.

The game was initially refused a 15+ age rating, the highest available in Australia for videogames, essentially banning the game from release. Unlike other titles, such as Valve's Left 4 Dead 2, developer Rebellion has indicated it has no intention of censoring the game to achieve the lower rating.

However, website Refused Classification has found evidence that Sega intends to have the ruling reviewed, with the ratings board due to convene this Friday to consider additional submissions.

As the Refused Classification website points out, although there is no 18+ age rating for games in Australia the country's rating system is generally more liberal than that of the UK and US and the content of Aliens vs. Predator could still be considered suitable for a 15+ rating as is.

The Australian government has recently begun a period of public consultation concerning the possible implementation of a mature 18+ age rating for videogames, with citizens being asked to submit their views on the subject.

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