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Rocksteady releases employee letter defending it from accusations

Multiple women who co-signed 2018 letter about sexism at Arkham Knight studio say recent report of management's response misrepresented the situation

Some of the women who signed a letter two years ago accusing Rocksteady Games of failing to prevent sexual harassment at the studio have signed another letter defending their employer's response, the Batman: Arkham Knight studio said today.

The studio released the letter on its Twitter account, saying it was unedited, unsolicited, and signed by seven of the eight original signatories of the original letter who still work at Rocksteady.

"In [The Guardian's] article, we feel that the anonymous source or sources attempted to speak on behalf of all women at Rocksteady, and we do not feel that this article is a fair representation of us, the events at the time or since the letter was received," they said.

They go on to contradict the original article's assertion that management virtually ignored the 2018 letter, saying Rocksteady team leaders had a series of meetings with the women there to address their issues and have since continued working "to ensure that we have a voice within our work and within the studio..."

They also took issue with their original letter being made public at all, saying the signatories had collectively requested it be kept a private matter years ago.

"This has left us feeling that we have been violated by the source or sources as it was kept private for personal reasons to all involved, not due to industry secrecy," they said.

They concluded the letter affirming their support for minority developers in the industry to speak up to create safe work environments, and to have studios take their concerns seriously.

The 2018 letter was signed by 10 of the 16 women who worked at Rocksteady at the time, and took issue with a variety of unacceptable behavior allegedly tolerated at the studio, including sexual harassment, slurs about transgendered people, and talking about women in derogatory or sexual ways.

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