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Roblox will teach kids to code with new educational initiative

Roblox Education includes a free curriculum designed for kids aged ten and over

Roblox is tackling the educational software market, launching a free curriculum designed around its online creation platform.

Roblox Education is a broad initiative, of which the Roblox Education Curriculum is the most important aspect: "Free, configurable courseware that gives educators the opportunity to leverage Roblox as an educational tool in their classrooms, after-school programs, and summer camps."

The curriculum is already available to educators of children aged ten years and up. It includes materials like tutorials, lesson guides and handouts.

"Roblox's roots have always been steeped in STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)," the company said in a blog post. "By giving people the tools to explore their imagination, we've empowered an entire generation of people to develop the skills they need to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs and creators."

In addition, Roblox Studio will be used in 500 "coding camps and online programs" all over the world across this summer, with a customised course that teaches, "the fundamentals of coding, game design, digital citizenship, and entrepreneurship."

In addressing the need for educational software, Roblox is following the lead of other games like Minecraft. But it is not alone in that respect; just this week, an educational version of Colossal Order's Cities: Skylines was announced, the first of what Paradox Interactive has said will be several based on its portfolio of IP.

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