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Respawn changes Apex Legends battle pass pricing

Battle passes will now be split in half, meaning players will have to pay double for full season

Respawn has announced a change in pricing for its Apex Legends battle passes, which will now only be available to purchase with real-world money.

The change will come into effect following the launch of Season 22 next month.

Players previously used in-game currency to buy these passes, which will be phased out.

Further changes include the battle pass being split in half, with Premium ($9.99) and Premium+ ($19.99) tiers, which offer different in-game rewards.

Before this change, players could make one payment for a whole season. This means if players want to pay for a full season, they'll have to pay each tier twice.

Respawn said the changes were made to make the game "more approachable and realistic for [its] global player community."

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