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Respawn Entertainment promises E3 reveal

UPDATE: Ex-Infinity Ward team sharing show floor with CoD: Black Ops?

Respawn Entertainment, the development studio set up by Jason West and Vince Zampella in the wake of their controversial departure from Infinity Ward, have confirmed an E3 appearance.

"Big time announcement at E3 next week," stated the duo via Facebook. "Stay tuned, kiddies!"

While the duo have previously talked about their broader plans for Respawn, next week's E3 will be the first time they have revealed any details about its first game. Also appearing at the LA trade show will be Activision's Black Ops, the latest instalment in the West/Zampella-created Call of Duty franchise.

The pair's former home Infinity Ward is also working on a new Call of Duty game, despite losing 42 employees in the wake of West and Zampella's firing - 32 of which have revealed they are now working for Respawn. The Activision-owned studio is also currently facing a $625 million lawsuit from a coalition of current and former staff members.

Respawn's heritage would seem to suggest its first title will be a rival military-themed shooter, although its founders have promised it will be both "something new and fresh" and a fan-pleasing Summer blockbuster.

UPDATE: Electronic Arts has told IGN that Respawn will not be making an appearance at E3 next week, suggesting the Facebook profile for West and Zampella is fake.


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