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Microsoft to hold Xbox Games Showcase on July 23rd

Event likely to show first-party Xbox Series X titles following May third-party showcase

Xbox Live GM Dan McCulloch exits Microsoft

Former AR/VR head and Kinect portfolio manager leaving after 15-year stint with the company

Microsoft reportedly stops advertising on Facebook

But Xbox firm is still redirecting Mixer users to the social network

Microsoft closing its retail stores

Xbox maker closing 82 Microsoft Store locations, will run "Microsoft Experience Centers" in London, New York, Syndey, and Redmond

Microsoft makes $250,000 donation for Pride Month

"A dialogue can lead to understanding, and understanding can lead to change," says tech giant

Xbox Series X difference will be immersion more than visuals, Spencer says

Head of Xbox talks about what will separate Microsoft's next-gen experiences, says cell phone-like All Access payment program will be "critical" this generation

Microsoft shutting down Mixer

Streaming service closing July 22 with partners being transitioned to Facebook Gaming; exclusive streamers like Ninja, Shroud free to leave

Former Microsoft employee accuses Mixer manager of racist comments

Milan Lee has a meeting with Microsoft's Phil Spencer to discuss an experience that made him leave the company

Microsoft outlines Smart Delivery details

Players will be able to carry progress from Smart Delivery titles on Xbox One to Xbox Series X

Xbox demands racist influencer team disassociate from its brand

Brazilian streamers XboxMilGrau has been banned on Twitch and YouTube, reportedly worked with Microsoft in the past

Microsoft abandons digital codes for Xbox pack-in content

Digital Direct removes redemption codes for games, DLC and other content in console bundles

Xbox players have spent $1.4 billion on ID@Xbox games

At the GI Investment Summit Online, Microsoft's Agostino Simonetta gave the latest stats for Xbox's indie-facing platform

Opportunities with ID@Xbox | Investment Summit Online

Microsoft's Agostino Simonetta provides an update for developers, including the latest on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox boosts responsible gaming strategy with Family Settings app

The platform holder discusses the evolution of its safety ecosystem and the new family features developed for its app

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sceptical about permanent remote working

Exec says relying on home working could create new issues with burnout and mental health

Mojang returns to its indie roots with Minecraft Dungeons

The 25-person team on turning one of the world's biggest games into a dungeon crawler for everyone

Xbox "set some wrong expectations" for next-gen livestream

Microsoft and Ubisoft mollify fans expecting to see promised Xbox Series X gameplay

Watch the first footage of Xbox Series X games in today's Inside Xbox here

Episode kicks off at 4pm BST/11am EDT, will include Assassin's Creed Valhalla gameplay

Microsoft facing controller drift suit

Plaintiff in class-action suit says Xbox One controllers have problems with faulty analog sticks

Microsoft to show first glimpse of Xbox Series X gameplay next week

Inside Xbox will showcase games from third-party partners, including Assassin's Creed: Valhalla


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