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Microsoft adds framerate boost for older titles on Xbox X|S

First games to benefit from "FPS Boost" are Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky's Tale, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4, and Watch Dogs 2

Microsoft launches gaming accessibility testing platform for developers

Industry-first platform uses updated Xbox Accessibility Guidelines to help developers make games more accessible

Ampere: PS5 and Xbox Series X|S sales in line with, not ahead of, previous gen

But firm believes new PlayStation could sell up to eight million units by end of March, surpassing PS4

Microsoft says terms of service mandate arbitration for Xbox controller suit

Xbox maker says URL on packaging and warranty notice inside count as "robust notice" of policy

Microsoft requests EU approval for ZeniMax acquisition

European Commission's antitrust regulators will decide by March 5

Azure PlayFab: The world's biggest dev tools you've never thought of

Microsoft's James Gwertzman tells the Academy about his mission to help developers succeed

How can Xbox encourage consumers to 'swim upstream'? | Opinion

Microsoft's new consoles are off to a strong start - but converting its standard Live users to higher-revenue Game Pass subscribers remains a thorny challenge

Xbox Series X|S launches help push Microsoft gaming revenue up 51%

Update: Next-gen console debut was "most successful in our history" as games revenues passed $5 billion for the first time

Microsoft raises the price of Xbox Live Gold

One- and three-month Gold memberships will be $1 and $5 more expensive respectively

Microsoft calls for Xbox drift lawsuit to be handled by arbitration

Platform holder wants class-action case to be taken out of court and away from a jury trial

Games of the Year 2020 | Xbox Game Pass

In a year when escapism was sorely needed, Microsoft's high-value subscription service became a destination unto itself

Microsoft to end support for Halo on Xbox 360

Online support and certain features will be sunsetted in December 2021

Microsoft Flight Simulator hits 2m players

Celebrated simulation title is also the biggest launch on Xbox Game Pass for PC to date

Microsoft acquires

Esports platform to remain running, with added support from Microsoft

Xbox experimenting with how to pay studios for Game Pass "because we don't think we have it figured out"

Phil Spencer also decries console fan tribalism as "one of the worst things about our industry"

The $70 AAA price point -- it's about time | Opinion

No consumer is going to be enthused about a price rise, but 15 years of $60 has done no favours to either gamers or creators

PlayStation 5 sold almost six times as many units as Xbox Series X|S in Japan

Sony's consoles sold 118,085 units in four days, while Microsoft's machines sold 20,534 in six days

Microsoft suggests higher AAA price-point is "warranted"

CFO Tim Stuart said that publishers need to "make the right decision for their content"

Microsoft expects Xbox Series X|S shortages until Q2 2021

CFO Tim Stuart points to summer next year for “the supply profile meeting the demand profile"

Xbox Series X|S is biggest console launch in Microsoft's history

Update: And 70% of Xbox Series X and S consoles are attached to Xbox Game Pass memberships


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