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PlayStation and Xbox have both failed to sell next-gen | Opinion

A new wave of consoles approaches, but neither platform holder offers a compelling reason to invest at launch

Xbox updates privacy settings, promises more transparency about data collection

Platform holder will no longer collect data from voice search, will allow users to opt-in to additional diagnostics sharing

Xbox shows its hand | Podcast

Latest episode discusses Series S, price points, Xbox All Access, EA Play on Game Pass and, er, Nintendo

The Xbox Series S will play the Xbox One S versions of backward compatible titles

Games that received Xbox One X enhancements such as 4K won't have them on Series S

Series S redefines "next-gen" - and throws down a gauntlet to Sony | Opinion

Microsoft shows its committment to disrupting the market as the $299 Series S questions the concept of console generations

Xbox Game Pass for PC will rise to full price after beta ends this month

PC users will now pay the same $9.99 / 7.99 rate as the console version

EA Play added to Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost

Ultimate and PC subscribers will gain access to over 60 of the FIFA publisher's titles

Xbox Series X will sell for $499

Console launches November 10 with pre-orders starting September 22; All Access subscription price is $35 monthly for two years

Xbox Series S finally announced, priced at $299

UPDATE: Official video shares specs, console will launch November 10 and is digital only

Microsoft Flight Simulator draws 1m unique players in two weeks

The critically admired sim title is the most popular game in the brief history of Xbox Game Pass for PC

Xbox brings in Bungie veteran to keep delayed Halo Infinite on track

Joseph Staten, who worked on the original trilogy, now leading work on the upcoming shooter's campaign

Microsoft files statement supporting Epic Games against Apple

Xbox firm says Unreal Engine is "critical technology" and blocking it on iOS "will harm game creators and gamers"

Valve assures slow Flight Simulator downloads won't affect refunds

Steam operator says lengthy install time will not count against store's two-hour policy

Microsoft Flight Simulator | Critical Consensus

Asobo Studio is here to spoil Naughty Dog's party with a dark horse contender for Game of the Year

Xbox Series X will launch in November

Console launch lineup will emphasize backward compatibility, Game Pass

Halo Infinite delayed into 2021

Key Xbox Series X launch title pushed due to "multiple factors" including COVID-19

Apple blocking Project xCloud and Stadia because it can't review every game

UPDATE: Microsoft responds, accusing Apple of "consistently treating gaming apps differently"

Microsoft pulls iOS test for Project xCloud

Streaming service's future on Apple devices uncertain as Xbox focuses on Android

Cloud gaming comes to Xbox Game Pass on September 15

Over 100 games will be available at launch including Gears 5, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 4

Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free-to-play

Microsoft confirms that Halo's most popular mode won't even require Game Pass to play


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