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Prison Architect sells 2m copies

And generates a sweet $25m in revenue for Introversion

Mobile needs gamers "to pay big dollars for big games" - Morris

Introversion dev sizes up the problems facing Prison Architect's planned ports for mobile and console

Prison Architect sells 1 million

Proper launch of alpha-funded jail sim set for 2015, mobile and console versions planned

That which does not kill you...

Introversion and Choice Provisions co-founders share how tough times set them up for greater success

100,000 players for Prison Architect

Introversion's game making a success of early access

Introversion: Selling alphas "the way forward for indie devs"

Prison Architect developer on adapting to the changing role of indies in the market

Prison Architect pre-orders hit $1m milestone

Business model working well for Introversion Software

Introversion: Consoles are "second class customers"

Co-founder Mark Morris on prohibitive development costs

Introversion: Doing Time

Before the Meat Boys, Braids and Worlds of Goo, there was Introversion. And with Prison Architect, the UK's most prominent micro-studio has found a new way forward

Introversion's Prison Architect paid alpha raises over $100,000

Tiered payment system boosts UK developer's latest project

Humble Introversion Bundle raises $650,000

Five days to go but already the latest bundle has been purchased 160,296 times

Introversion's Mark Morris

The indie studio boss on the importance of Steam, and why the company nearly failed

Introversion: Steam sale saved our company

"If you're not on Steam, then you're not an indie game developer of any note," says Morris

Evolution of an Indie

Introversion's Mark Morris on how the Darwinia team has survived a tough past twelve months - plus what's ahead

UK govt "does more than it is credited for" - Introversion boss

But Mark Morris agrees that videogames is still the poor relative of TV and film

Community Chest

Introversion offers insight into how its large fan base thrives under the development of Multiwinia and Darwinia+

Lots of Talent and No Budget

Introversion's Byron Atkinson-Jones on marketing a game without money in the bank

Can We Have Multiplayer?

Chris Delay on the evolution of Future War to Multiwinia, with a little help from Worms and Chu Chu Rocket

Console Gamers Aren't PC Gamers

Introversion's Byron Atkinson-Jones discusses the testing process for the company's games, and the lessons learned

Introversion lays bare Microsoft approval process

Internal documents, usability reports, code and more open to scrutiny

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