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PlayStation 4 has sold 30 million units in two years

Sony maintains relentless pace with another 12 million consoles sold in 2015 so far

Sony has now sold through more than 30 million consoles around the world, further reinforcing its position as the generation's leading console.

To be precise, the figure released by Sony today is 30.2 million units worldwide, which means Sony has sold 12 million PS4s in less than a year.

Sony launched the PlayStation 4 in November 2013, so those 30.2 million sales have arrived in around two years with only a small amount of momentum lost along the way. But what of the Xbox One? Microsoft has mentioned on several occasions that its console is outperforming the Xbox 360, and yet one has to reach deep into the archives to find the last official figures: 10 million shipped back in November 2014.

MIcrosoft has continued to highlight smaller victories - outselling PS4 on a given month in the US, for example - only without the benefit of an update to the bigger picture. In October this year, the company said that it would no longer reveal Xbox hardware sales in its financial reports, choosing to focus on engagement metrics related to Xbox Live instead.

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