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Over 100 Avalanche Studios staff unionise

"We are very hopeful about the prospect of signing a collective bargaining agreement," says union

Over 100 employees at Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios have unionised.

As reported by IGN, team members have joined the Swedish trade union Unionen, and have begun bargaining over their contract.

Negotiations began last week and are ongoing, and include employees who are part of the Sveriges Ingenjörer union.

This marks the first time in the developer's history that it has entered a bargaining stage with a union.

While Unionen declined to share the issues employees are bargaining over, a spokesperson said the union is "very hopeful about the prospect of signing a collective bargaining agreement."

They added: "[We] believe that this will be a great step towards ensuring that the thoughts, ideas, feelings, and opinions of Avalanche's employees are given the representation that they deserve. We look forward to working together with company leadership to make the company better."

A spokesperson for Avalanche Studios said: "As an employer, we're committed to creating the best possible conditions for all Avalanchers to thrive. We support and welcome any initiative that goes in this direction. This also means that we listen, initiate dialogue, and encourage people to bring forward their perspectives and needs."

The unionisation follows an apology issued by Avalanche Studios reported by IGN last November after the alleged hire of a "high-level individual" accused of inappropriate workplace behaviour at their former company.

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