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NPCx raises $3m for game character motion capture processing tool

The latest funding follows a crowdsourced investment of more than $540,000

Technology start-up NPCx raised $3 million in a funding round led by Kakao Investment.

As reported by Venture Beat, money raised from this round will fund development for NPCx's latest product, BehaviourX. This processing tool will capture real-time data from players to create immersive NPCs by analysing their inputs.

NPCx launched its motion capture processing tool TrackerX earlier this year, which aims to streamline the process of tracking motion capture data and applying it directly to a character skeleton.

Before this funding round, NPCx secured more than $540,000 via the crowdfunding platform Republic.

The Florida-based firm is planning to launch two more products — RetargetX and AIMX — which will improve character animation by adjusting motion and predicting future frames for smoother and more lifelike movement.

Cameron Madani, CEO of NPCx, said: "As a prominent start-up investor in Asia, securing Kakao Investment's investment during these challenging times in the capital markets is a tremendous vote of confidence in our team, technology, and product roadmap. This partnership marks a significant milestone for NPCx and will greatly expedite the development of our AI-powered products."

Earlier this month, AI-based company Inworld AI raised $50 million in a funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

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