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Nordisk Film acquires further Star Stable Entertainment shares in deal worth $11m

Nordic entertainment company follows previous investment to stake 40% claim in Swedish developer

Completing its fourth major games investment this year, Nordisk Film has staked a 40% claim in Swedish studio Star Stable Entertainment.

The $11 million deal comes just months after the Nordic entertainment company spent nearly $17 million to acquire a "substantial minority" of the Star Stable Online developer.

"We really like the company," said Martin Walfisz, senior partner at Nordisk Film Games. "The team is performing very well and after being onboard for six months we had no doubt that we wanted to make an even stronger commitment to Star Stable's continued journey."

Founded in 1906, Nordisk Film began seriously investing in games last year, and has since acquired Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios, and poured $5.5 million into indie publisher Raw Fury.

Star Stable Entertainment CEO Johan Sjöberg said: "After having worked with Nordisk Film Games as owners over the last six months we are very happy to see them increase their ownership in the company.

"We see that as a vote of confidence that we are on the right track with in our mission of bringing high quality entertainment to girls and young women. We are just at the beginning of our epic journey and thrilled to have Nordisk Film Games ride with us into the future."

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