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Nolan Bushnell launches educational game company ExoDexa

The platform recently expanded its team to include former game producer Kevin Caldwell

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell has launched ExoDexa, a learning games platform incorporating K-12 curriculum.

Bushnell serves as chairman of ExoDexa, joined by Leah Hanes as CEO and president. Hanes is also CEO of the Two Bit Circus Foundation, a STEAM education-based nonprofit organization.

The educational game company uses an adaptive learning platform to educate students through gameplay, as in its flagship title, The Last Explorer.

"We want to provide students with the opportunity to learn while actively engaged, at their own pace, while also having fun," said Hanes.

ExoDexa recently expanded its team to include Pandora co-founder and former CEO Jon Kraft and Kevin Caldwell, former video game producer at Riot Games, EA, and Blizzard.

"Games are the future of education," said Bushnell. "Students learn best when engaged and entertained, so why haven't we applied this insight more to teaching?"

He added: "ExoDexa is working to do just that, bringing gamification and interactivity to learning, and helping students to feel empowered and redefine success."

Bushnell has long been a believer in educational gaming. In 2009, the industry veteran said he planned to dedicate the rest of his career to using games as an educational tool.

"I think the next big wave of value is in education — games are good for you," he said. "I want to leave a legacy of more than just fun."

Bushnell previously started the educational gaming company BrainRush in 2012, which pivoted to blockchain by 2019. However, as of writing, BrainRush appears to be defunct.

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