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Nexon's Warhaven shutting down this April

Sales of the game's battle pass suspended today

Nexon's live-service multiplayer Warhaven is shutting down on April 5, 2024, four months after entering global early access.

In an announcement shared on Steam, the developer said sales of Warhaven's battle pass will be suspended today, and it will update players of the exact shutdown schedule at a later date.

"Warhaven has come this far, thanks to everyone's love and support," it said. "We want to express our gratitude for the love and care you have shown for Warhaven."

The statement continued: "To create a game that could be cherished and enjoyed over an extended period, we invested much consideration and effort. Despite all the shortcomings, we will deeply cherish the warm affection and support you have sent towards Warhaven in our hearts. Thank you for being part of Warhaven's journey."

Warhaven's first alpha test took place in 2021, and went into global early access in September 2023.

There were plans for the game to leave early access sometime this year, as reported by GameSpot.

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