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New Street Fighter movie and TV projects are in the works

Capcom partners with production firm Legendary Entertainment to further awareness of its IPs

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Capcom has announced that it's greenlighted a new live-action Street Fighter movie and TV program.

The games publisher will be partnering with production firm Legendary Entertainment; the company's filmography includes Dune and Godzilla vs. Kong.

"The company strongly believes that adapting its game content into movies and television shows provides opportunities to build awareness of its brands with a wide audience that extends beyond the game market," said Capcom.

The new Street Fighter projects are announced as video games grow their cross-media efforts.

HBO's Last of Us became the second-largest premiere in the last 13 years and was confirmed for a second season back in January.

Meanwhile, Nintendo and Illumination released a new animated Super Mario Bros. film today in the US.

Capcom's newest installment within its fighting franchise, Street Fighter 6, is set to launch on June 2.

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