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Media Molecule co-founder Mark Healey departs after 17 years

LittleBigPlanet creative director leaves after studio announced it will pull the plug on Dreams later this year

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Mark Healey, one of Media Molecule's four co-founders, is leaving the studio.

He announced his departure via a Twitter thread, writing that today marks the end of seventeen years at the UK developer, which is best known for the LittleBigPlanet series and PlayStation exclusive game maker Dreams.

In his tweets, Healey said he is "proud to have played his part" in both these projects and more, hinting that he will be moving onto a new games venture.

"A strong cosmic breeze is pulling me and my pirate heart is awakened," he wrote. "I'm not getting any younger so am going to indulge myself in the winds of my various curiosities for a white and see where they take me.

"So here's to new beginnings, following one's heart and exploring the unknown… I'm off on a pirate adventure (one that involves making games, that is)."

His departure comes just one week after Media Molecule announced it would be ending live service support for Dreams on September 1, 2023 as it focuses on a new project.

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