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Epic leads $15m funding round in Manticore Games

Core platform "exemplifies" the user-generated future of video games, Epic says

Manticore Games has raised $15 million in a new round of funding, led by Epic Games.

The company's main product, Core, is a user-generated content platform that allows the creation and sharing of games with a set of accessible tools.

Core itself is built with Unreal Engine, Epic's popular toolset. According to Epic president Adam Sussman, Core "exemplifies" what the company sees as the future of video games.

"At Epic, we believe the industry is ultimately headed to games becoming more like open platforms where creators can build their own worlds," Sussman said in a statement.

This new $15 million round is not the first time Manticore has raised a significant amount of money.

In December 2017, the firm closed a $15 million Series A round, and it raised a further $30 million almost two years later in September 2019.

In July this year, the San Francisco-based company started a $1 million fund to help galvanise Core's creator community in its Alpha phase.

We talked to Manticore CEO Frédéric Descamps about the company's ambitions back in March -- you can read the article here.

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