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Levine: Houser made GTAIV by digging his "f*cking teeth in"

BioShock's lead developer compares Houser to Spielberg and commends him for making "great stuff"

Sam Houser made Grand Theft Auto IV by digging his "f*cking teeth in", according to Ken Levine, who went on to describe the Houser brothers as "Spielbergs", at the Develop Conference in Brighton.

BioShock's lead developer described his fellow Take-Two developer as "the most intense guy in the world" saying he respected the way Houser made games and is a "huge fan of his".

"He is absolutely the most intense guy in the world," Levine told VG247. "He's like Rasputin, you know. He's intense... But that's how you make great stuff. You don't make great stuff by wearing a nice sweater and drinking a martini: you make great stuff by digging your f*cking teeth in."

Levine went on to explain how he got to better know Houser following BioShock's launch and expressed respect for him and his brother Dan Houser.

"I've been lucky enough to get to know Sam... Since BioShock's come out - I was a huge fan of his, and I think he really liked the game, and he felt is was something that was greatly interesting. I can't speak for Sam, you know, but that's my interpretation of what he said," explained Levine.

"They're the Spielbergs, you know," he added. "The Spielbergs of our industry. The amount of revenue that guy generates... When you meet him he's a really self-effacing guy."

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