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Guillemot: Game budgets to hit $60 million next gen

Ubisoft CEO says game budgets will approximately double in the next hardware generation

Ubisoft chairman and CEO Yves Guillemot has said that game budgets during the next hardware cycle may top USD 60 million.

Speaking to CNBC, Guillemot spoke again about what he believes will be an increase in cutting-edge hardware components, essentially saying that the next round of consoles will continue the current generation's trend of increasing horsepower.

"The next generation is going to be so powerful that playing a game is going to be the equivalent of playing a CGI movie today," Guillemot told CNBC.

Guillemot attributes this to consumer demand, saying "For us, the current machines are very powerful and we can do high quality work. I'd like to stay with this generation as long as possible, but my customers will want the best machine possible."

Earlier this year, Guillemot revealed that Ubisoft was dedicating 10 per cent of its internal development on developing software for unannounced next generation consoles.

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