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GDC victorious in lawsuit with rival event

'China Game Developers Conference' told to cease unfair competition, slander

GDC China organiser UBM has won its 2009 lawsuit against the Publishers Association of China Game Publication Committee (CGPA).

CGPA, together with Beijing Howell International Trade Fair Co. Ltd, had been accused of unfair competition, false promotion and commercial slander.

The case related to a 2008 falling out between CGPA/Howell and UBM after partnering for Game Developers Conference China 2007. CG{A and Howell went on to announce a competitor event named 'China Game Developers Conference', claiming they had been the true organisers of GDC China 2007.

UBM alleged that the rival event had attempted to block its members from participation in GDC China, as well as engaging in misleading promotion.

Last week, courts determined that CGPA had been a mere 'supporting unit' to GDC China 2007 and in presenting itself as organiser had engaged in absuse of power, as well as contravening China's PRC Anti-unfair competition law.

"Though it has been a long struggle over the past three years, we are proud of our continued ability to produce the Game Developers Conference China," said Meggan Scavio, GDC Director.

"We sincerely hope that we can now move forward to more completely fulfill our goal of supporting and serving the Chinese game community."

GDC China 2010 opens in Shanghai on December 5. The CGPA and Howell have been court-ordered to cease its apparent negative activities towards the event.

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