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CGPA sues UBM over GDC China

Organisation alleges infringement on "rights and interests" of rival CGDC event

Although both GDC China and China GDC - the former run by Think Services, the latter by Howell expo - have both run their course for this year, the row over copyright infringement continues, with the China Game Publishers Association now confirming that it is suing United Business Media.

The suit has been filed alleging an "infringement on the legitimate rights and interests of the host of CGDC," and claims that UBM - the parent company of Think Services - "disseminated false information about the event, and sent letters from their lawyers to CGDC's partners, forcing them to pull away from the event."

"CGPA believes that this legal action will contribute to the promotion of fair and orderly competition in this industry," the statement concluded.

Indeed, UBM did threaten potential partners of the Howell Expo event with legal action, but the company robustly defended its action in order to protect its developer conference IP.

"To protect its intellectual property - the GDC name - Think Services registered the GDC trademarks so that the global game development community can be assured that when the GDC name is aligned with an event, they know that they will access the most timely, relevant content and the most innovative and relevant speakers, and exposure to some of the most current development products and services," said conference director Meggan Scavio then.

"Failure to defend the infringement of our intellectual property could result in a degradation of our legal rights. Therefore, we have no choice from time to time to send legal-type letters when we are confronted with what we believe is a representation that could lead to potential confusion in the marketplace.

"Think Services [has always been] committed to protecting its IP globally in order to ensure that all of its conference and expo attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, industry partners, and media are clear on which organisation is truly presenting the all of our events. We will continue to protect our rights globally." contacted Think Services for a response on this action specifically, but it declined to comment on ongoing legal action.

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