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GDC: Activision signs with Macrovision for digital distro

Publisher Activision has announced that several key titles from its PC portfolio are to be made available online using Macrovision's digital distribution solution.

Six headline games will initially be launched on Macrovision's games network - including three Call of Duty titles (the original game, expansion pack United Offensive, and sequel Call of Duty 2), Neversoft's action western Gun, role-playing title Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines, and Lionhead's Hollywood sim The Movies.

Macrovision claims to have over 300 online distribution channels around the world, and currently distributes over 1700 games across the network. The firm protects the titles it distributes using its own Digital Rights Management solution.

"It has become clear that gamers are embracing the digital distribution of games," explained Activision's online publishing boss Jon Estanislao. "Activision is committed to delivering its content across multiple distribution channels and Macrovision has the ability to protect, and increase the reach of our games to our fans."

This isn't Activision's first foray into digital distribution, either - the firm has already made its titles available on other services including Valve's extremely high-profile Steam network, which was originally used to distribute the award-winning Half-Life 2.

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