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Former Bustle UK writer to boost news coverage and more for your favourite trade site

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The team has grown today with the appointment of Sophie McEvoy as staff writer.

McEvoy joins us after writing for a variety of games and entertainment sites, including GameRant, Bustle UK, and

Based in the UK, she will be working alongside deputy editor Marie Dealessandri and editor-in-chief James Batchelor, as well as supporting managing editor Brendan Sinclair and fellow staff writer Jeffrey Rousseau.

McEvoy will be responsible for a range of editorial duties, including contributing to's leading news coverage. She will also be representing the team at the Develop:Brighton conference next week.

"It took a little longer than we'd expected, but after searching high and low, and in every corner of the industry, we've finally found Sophie, your new staff writer," said head of Chris Dring.

"Sophie already has a proven track record as a prolific writer of news and information on all things gaming and pop culture. And that will enable us to go further in tackling the biggest issues facing the games industry today. Between AI, the cost-of-living crisis, the threat of regulation, app privacy changes, Microsoft vs the regulators, changing business models, diversity challenges, new distribution models, China, Saudi Arabia, hybrid working, how good Zelda is... there's plenty for us to be writing about in this increasingly chaotic business.

"Therefore I'm delighted to add Sophie to the team so that we can deliver more of the big stories and analysis to help the games industry become a better and more successful business for everybody."

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