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GamesIndustry Blog launches!

We're pleased to be able to announce the launch today of our official site blog as an editorial strand that's additional to our existing news and feature line-up.

It's basically designed to provide a more dynamic and informal outlet for the sorts of things we wouldn't post in a normal news story - which could include snippets of insight from our team or others, general rumours or interesting bits we hear around the place, live coverage of conferences and other events, an idea about what we're doing and why, plus a bunch of other stuff that's difficult to categorise.

Obviously, we're not claiming to have invented blogging - we can confirm it has been around for a while already - but we think it's the right time to offer something a bit different. Many people have asked us to add something like this over the past couple of years - so now we have, and just in time for E3 2010!.

Regular readers will have noticed that the last few events we've covered have revolved around blog-style feature coverage (GDC, Nordic Game and, most recently, Festival of Games), so we've been experimenting a little to make sure it would genuinely be useful and interesting. Based on traffic to those pages, we think it has.

Crucially, while we've worked hard in the past few years to create a news feed that's as unbiased and objective as we can possibly make it, we hope the blog will be a bit more personal - maybe diving into areas we wouldn't normally with news. We'd really like to see people engaging with the content here, and getting involved - and as ever, if you have any feedback, don't hesitate to let us know!



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