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Providing a platform for flash game developers to showcase, distribute and earn revenue.

SYDNEY, Australia - 19 November 2009

3RD Sense, which operates the successful play platform Fizzy.com, and develops games and online apps for consumers and innovative brands worldwide, has launched the new Fizzy Game Developers Network(GDN), which provides Flash game developers with a free and easily accessible platform to showcase, distribute and earn revenue from their games.

Fizzy.com provides Flash games developers with access to an engaged and passionate game play audience of millions. Its main game play website, Fizzy.com, attracts over one million unique visitors every month and this site is growing rapidly. Fizzy.com also distributes games across a partner network of websites and developers who use the GDN can take advantage of this by having their games distributed across these Fizzy networks.

Developers can either upload their games on the GDN as a Free-to-Play game or a Pay-to-Play game. Developers that upload Free-to-Play games on Fizzy will earn revenue based on the number of plays of their game. If developers want to earn more they can upload their game as a Pay-to-Play game, which will earn 50 per cent sales revenue for every one of their games sold on Fizzy as well as revenue based on the number of plays of the game.

3RD Sense has a strong track record as an independent games developer and has been behind the development of major Flash game successes including the Swords and Sandals and Exmortis series, Lightning Pool, ACME Factory and more. 3RD Sense is now sharing its expertise and experience in generating revenue from Flash games with the Flash games development community as it focuses on growing the Fizzy.com play platform.

Key benefits of the Fizzy GDN include:

Opportunity for developers to earn revenue for their games Regular monthly payments Free tools to enhance games and integrate in-game ads, score submission and more Ability for games to be distributed to thousands of partner sites for free Free online support Full online reporting Access to the Fizzy Version Management System to keep games up-to-date

Interview Quotes - Colin Cardwell, CEO for Fizzy.com and 3RD sense:

"The new Fizzy Games Developer Network is an important milestone for 3RD Sense. We have a created a great platform for Flash game developers that can help them earn revenue from their passion for gaming. The network simplifies each key stage of the game distribution process from the initial launch through to ongoing updates and maximising the opportunity for revenue generation."

"We've set some aggressive growth goals for Fizzy.com and this new network will help us take the Fizzy.com play platform to the next level in terms of number of new games available and the total audience playing those games regularly. More games across our site will drive more visitors and the Fizzy Games Developer Network will enable games developers to share in this success."

"The Fizzy Games Developer Network provides a great head start for any Flash developer with a passion for games. We hope to unearth, launch and make a success of the careers of many new and exciting games developers."

For further information about the Fizzy GDN please see here: http://www.fizzy.com/about_gdn/


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3RD Sense creates casual games for its Fizzy.com website which is aimed at consumers, advertisers and game developers. The success of the site is reflected in the numbers with over 1 million visitors and 35 million ads served each month, plus a growing member base of over 400,000. Advertisers and game developers are drawn to Fizzy.com because of the large and growing audience, their high levels of engagement with the site and their wide demographic range. All 3RD Sense casual games are available on Fizzy.com and some demo versions are also distributed to a network of hundreds of additional gaming sites.

For corporate information, please visit 3RD Sense

For games that tickle your nose, please visit Fizzy.com


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