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Game Connection announces indie prize nominees

Twenty titles shortlisted for Best Video Games Projects 2011

The organisers of Game Connection 2010 have announced the twenty finalists for the Best Video Games Projects prize, listing nominees in three categories from thirteen countries.

Three winners will be chosen, one from each of the categories of console, mobile and online.

The winners will be announced on the second day of the Game Connection event, in Lyon on November 16, 2010, where attendees can also assess each game in a live demonstration after the developers have had a chance to pitch to publishers and investors.

"Every single nominee will have the same time-slot at Game Connection Europe: Five minutes top to pitch and demo its game. They'll be presented to key publishers and distributors who will vote for them," said Pierre Carde, managing director of Game Connection.

The full list of nominees follows:

  • Pocoyo Circuits - Zinkia Entertainment - Spain
  • Tiny Token Empires - BiP media - France
  • The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and his Squared Mind - Delirium Studios - Spain
  • Fractured Soul - Endgame Studios - Australia
  • Monolith (working title) - Lesta Studio - Russia
  • Handball Challenge - Neutron Games GmbH - Germany
  • The Uncanny Fish Hunt - Uncanny Games - France
  • Shutter Jack - Ringzero -Thailand
  • Confetti Carnival - SpikySnail Games Studio - Israel
  • Khan Wars 3.0. - XS-Software - Bulgaria
  • Great Little War Game - Avril Digital - United Kingdom
  • Robofonics - LudoCraft Ltd. - Finland
  • Guns, Gore & Cannoli - GGC - Belgium
  • Kweekies - int13 - France
  • Fortune Seekers - Anino Games, Inc - Philippines
  • Hired Death - Creative Patterns - France
  • Seasons after Fall - Swing Swing Submarine - France
  • Groove High Talents - Planet Nemo Games - France
  • Who's That Flying?! One More Go! - Mediatonic Ltd - United Kingdom
  • PUDDLE - Neko Entertainment - France

The event itself runs from 15-18 November in Lyon, France. Tickets are available from the event's website.