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Facebook to step up European game dev support

"We don't have to keep talking about the States any more"

Leading social network Facebook has announced plans to increase the support offered to European-based game and app developers.

At a press conference in London today, partner engineering boss Simon Cross pledged that "now we have a presence and visibility in Europe," reports Develop.

"Historically whenever we announce an update or something it's been seen as a big American company rolling out a new product. But we don't have to keep talking about the States any more."

The firm would, for European devs, now "be in their timezone and understand the market."

As well as stepping up levels of assistance regarding use of its APIs, Facebook is scheduling regular networking and clinic meetings, including a monthly London event.

There are an increasing number of social game start-ups in the UK, with two more, Phoenix Interactive and Full Moon Studios, having formed just last month from ex-Relentless staff.

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