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Ex-Relentless devs form another new studio

Terry Lee's Phoenix Interactive working on mobile and social titles

Former Relentless Software staff have formed a second new studio, in the wake of last month's startup Full Moon.

Following redundancy from Brighton developer Relentless, Terry Lee formed indie outfit Phoenix Interactive on February 28, and intends to work on social and mobile titles.

Currently, Phoenix has a project code-named Fluffy Pink Drain in the works, and partially owns the IP for Sprog, a game created by Fishbowl Interactive for the most recent Dare to be Digital contest.

Lee told GamesIndustry.biz that "The aim is to keep development teams down to a small agile size with minimal overheads. This is the way to success if you want to produce games for mobile platforms.

"It's all well and good large studios turning their hand to mobile development, but with all of the staff costs and overheads attached products have to be a sure 'hit' otherwise a large amount of money is lost. With the mobile market being as fluid as it is there is no sure way to guarantee a new IP will sell."

The founder also echoed claims by Full Moon head Kalvin Lyles that he appreciated "the support given by Relentless in a hard time for a lot of staff.

"In fact the reason that I have taken this step in my career is due to the guidance and resources provided by Relentless."

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