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Unity announces Safe Voice

The feature will use tone and pitch to flag harmful online gaming interactions

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Engine maker Unity has unveiled its new feature Safe Voice, technology that intends to detect toxic game behavior.

The tool analyzes tone, loudness, and pitch to provide insight to game studios to maintain more positive communities.

It will be activated when users flag harmful behaviors in the game, and the feature can also monitor activities in the game that indicate toxic actions, such as abrupt exits and muting other players.

The tool will also provides detailed session dashboards of player interactions.

Unity Gaming Services senior vice president and general manager Jeff Collins said, "We are excited to empower studios with a tool that simplifies combatting toxicity and helps pave the way for building safer and more inclusive gaming environments."

Unity's Safe Voice is currently in closed beta, and it joins Microsoft's Xbox voice reporting safety feature as another resource to help users combat harm in online gaming.

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