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Epic files appeal in India to push for third-party app stores on Google Play

The Fortnite firm says it's been "adversely affected" by Google not complying with the Competition Commission of India's directive

Epic Games claimed that Google isn't complying with the Competition Commission of India's decision to authorise third-party stores on Google Play.

According to Reuters, Epic filed an appeal in an Indian court on February 9, saying that it's been "exploring launching" its store on Google Play in India but has been "adversely affected" by Google not complying with the CCI's directive.

Epic's director of global public policy Bakari Middleton told Reuters: "We are seeking to join Indian developers in court to support the CCI's order that requires Google to allow competing third-party app stores."

Meanwhile, Google said that it has submitted its "compliance plan to the CCI and continue to respectfully follow the legal process in India."

Earlier this month, Google announced that it would be updating its policies within India, providing users with alternative billing options for in-app purchases within Google Play. The tech giant had previously been fined $113 million for not allowing developers to use third-party payment processing systems in the country.

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