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Dying Light still attracts 500,000 users a week

The community for Techland's zombie hit has fallen by just 200,000 people in the two and a half years since launch

Techland's Dying Light still has 500,000 weekly active players, despite being released in January 2015.

That number is impressive for a game as old as Dying Light, and it's all the more so when you consider that, just after launch, it had 700,000 weekly players. Techland has sustained that community through post-launch content, like the standalone expansion pack The Following, and it has now committed to another full year of DLC

There will be an additional ten pieces of Dying Light DLC, all of which will be free to the game's players on all platforms. Techland was similarly generous with The Following, giving the expansion away for free to everyone who had purchased Dying Light prior to its release.

When we spoke to Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka last year, he said, "The numbers were good and we were happy - so why not? If they enjoy it and it makes them happy, maybe they will continue to buy the Dying Light brand in the future."

Dying Light had sold 5 million copies after 8 months on sale. When we talked to Marchewka in 2016, he said that the game had reached 8 million players, with an estimated 4 million additional people playing a pirated version of the game.

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