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Dark and Darker finds a new publisher

The legally embattled Ironmace Games' RPG has also launched into early access

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Dark and Darker maker Ironmace Games has found a publisher in Chaf Games.

As reported by Eurogamer, the studio's RPG has been released into early access on the Chaf Games' digital store.

Ironmace's early access launch comes months after Dark and Darker was pulled from Steam, which was attributed to its ongoing legal battle with publisher Nexon.

The story began in February, with Ironmace refuting claims that the game's code was stolen. The developer was then raided by Korean police, which seized company material related to the game.

In a comment sent to PCGamer, Ironmace explained that it would like to return to Steam eventually, "We cannot ignore the largest PC storefront in the world," the game developer said.

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