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Danny Isaac joins Relentless as studio manager

Ex-EA exec excited about opportunities to grow the company with original IP

Former Electronic Arts exec, Danny Isaac, has been named head of studio at Relentless Software.

Isaac had previously worked for the publisher in the UK and Canada, laying the foundations for the resurgence of the FIFA franchise and setting up EASportsWorld.com, before most recently founding and managing EA Korea; he will now lead the UK studio's development teams as they work on the Buzz! franchise and Blue Toad Murder Files.

And he revealed to GamesIndustry.biz that the latter project, as an original IP, although a challenge to get right, is crucial in differentiating the company.

"Original IP is key for any company within our industry, it allows you to rise above the noise, it can define you and give you value," he explained. "We're a creative industry, we thrive on entertaining our consumers and taking them places they've never experienced before, so from that aspect it's crucial.

"From a business perspective it's about balance. Original IP is tough; more often than not you'll fail. That's why building and maintaining strong franchises - such as Buzz! - is important for Relentless. It gives us an opportunity to take some risks, the freedom to swing for the fences without having to worry if we strike out on this occasion.

"I think it would have been very tough to invest in such a unique IP as Blue Toad Murder Files without the foundation that Buzz has given us."

And with the game set to launch on the PlayStation Network next week - December 17 - the project is developing well, he said.

"Blue Toad Murder Files has worked out great - episodes one and two are done and we'll be rolling out the remaining four episodes over the next few months," he explained. "It was a very ambitious project and encompassed a number of firsts for Relentless.

"The team here's done a fantastic job and we're all excited to see how well it's received and how the whole concept of an episodic murder mystery resonates. If you haven't played it you really should give it a go, I can honestly say there's nothing quite like it."

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