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College Lacrosse 2010

Can now be caught on Xbox LIVE.

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania — November 20, 2009—Triple B Games and Carlo Sunseri LLC are proud to announce that Inside Lacrosse's College Lacrosse 2010 has been released to the Xbox LIVE Indie Game Channel. We are also proud to announce that Inside Lacrosse is now the exclusive media partner of College Lacrosse 2010.

“The reaction from the grassroots lacrosse community has been absolutely remarkable,” says Carlo Sunseri, founder of Crosse Studios. "You can't find this type of passion and love for the game of lacrosse anywhere else."

“In the 12 years we’ve been publishing Inside Lacrosse, there is one topic that’s been addressed in letters to the editor, probably more than all the other individual topics combined: When is someone going to produce a lacrosse video game? Producing a multi-million dollar game just isn’t going to happen for a sport our size, so this Indie format – particularly when it can be played online against others – is the way to go.” Bob Carpenter, founder of Inside Lacrosse.

Inside Lacrosse’s CL2010 was officially announced to the lacrosse community back in May and has amassed over 55,000 fans on Facebook since then. Also, after the first day of sales CL2010 is already the fifth best rated game on the Indie Channel.


Carlo Sunseri and Jonathan “Fritz” Ackerley partnered in April of 2009 to build Inside Lacrosse’s College Lacrosse 2010.


Inside Lacrosse’s CL2010 is now available to download as an Xbox Live Indie Game for 400 Microsoft Points ($5).

Inside Lacrosse:

Inside Lacrosse is the premier media outlet for the sport of lacrosse, covering print online video and events. IL is also the online partner of ESPN.com

Learn More:

To learn more about College Lacrosse 2010, please view our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/CollegeLacrosse2010

Crosse Studios:

Crosse Studios is a subsidiary of Carlo Sunseri LLC. Carlo Sunseri is a small business owner and lacrosse coach out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Triple B Games:

Triple B Games was set up in 2007 in Dundee, Scotland by industry veteran Jonathan “Fritz” Ackerley (Harry Potter’s Quidditch World Cup, Shadowman, F1 2002, Actua Soccer 2). The company's aim is to show that great games can be delivered without any of the traditional ‘AAA’baggage of vast teams & overblown production values. www.triplebgames.com


Inside Lacrosse

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