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Codemasters shuts down Malta studio

Developer of iOS card game Battle Decks done for as company re-focuses on racing games

Codemasters is pumping the brakes on its plans to build up its catalog outside of racing games. As reported by Eurogamer, the company has closed the Malta-based studio behind its free-to-play iOS collectible card game Battle Decks after that game and another non-racing title--Overlord: Fellowship of Evil--both fell short of expectations.

"While it's been great to explore projects outside of racing, we know that our hearts belong to racing in all its many glorious forms," a spokesperson told Eurogamer. "The success of DiRT Rally's Early Access programme has been incredible, F1 2015 was very successful reaching number one in many territories, we've recently announced that Micro Machines will come to mobile and we have a strong road map ahead of us that keeps racing as its razor focus.

"With Battle Decks' development complete, we're saying goodbye to Malta and looking to fold talent from its 11-person team into our most successful studios here in the UK as we double-down on racing to develop future titles that will demonstrate our absolute commitment to the category."

Battle Decks is still up on the US App Store, and a representative with publisher Chillingo confirmed the game would continue to be available for download. A Codemasters representative added that a further update to the game is coming soon.

Citing sources within Codemasters, Eurogamer reported that the publisher's headcount is down to about 380 employees. It began the year with about 500 staffers, but has been subject to layoffs and departures since.

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