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Check out our GI Academy video series about careers and life in video games

First set of videos released ahead of next week's Academy event

The GI Academy remains an essential resource for all people involved, or who want to be involved, in video games.

For that group of people interested in a career in this industry, we've provided all sorts of useful digital guides (some of which have been printed in a special magazines) and we also host events designed to educate and inform about life in video games.

Our next one is a completely free digital event headlined by Creative Assembly, and featuring the likes of PlayStation, EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft, nDreams, Activision and more. Anyone interested in hearing from these people can sign-up here. Here's the current schedule.

In the build-up to that show, we are releasing a series of Academy videos offering advice and insight for students and job seekers.

These videos were filmed as part of our GI Academy event at EGX, and we'll be releasing regular videos this coming week and into November.

To begin with, we have two sessions for you. The first is 'How to get your first job in gaming' by nDreams' learning and development manager Dan Woodward.

The second features Louise Roberts, the producer at Rare, with her talk 'Be more producer'.

You can check out both videos below. To sign-up to next week's GI Academy event, click here.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube
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