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CCP hints at EVE first-person shooter

Petursson admits developer has a "game console strategy"

EVE Online developer CCP has hinted that a first-person shooter based on the EVE universe is in development.

At the firms annual fanfest at the weekend, footage was shown of a Halo-like shooter featuring architecture and gun designs clearly redolent of the space MMO's art style, according to our sister site Eurogamer.net.

Earlier in the presentation on the future of EVE, CCP bosses Hilmar Petursson and Nathan Richardsson had mentioned that CCP has a "game console strategy", and a slide mentioning PS3 and 360 was shown.

It seems likely that the first-person shooter is envisaged as a game console project. Petursson mentioned that the developer has "some other tricks up our sleeve" besides EVE Online and the other MMO it is known to be developing, World of Darkness.

However, Petursson was keen to point out that the developer's resources are very much focused on EVE Online's next expansion at the moment, EVE Online: Walking in Stations.

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