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CCP creating 150 US jobs over 3 years

MMO specialist relocating and expanding American HQ

Eve Online developer CCP has announced a relocation and expansion of its North American headquarters, a move which will create 150 jobs over the next three years.

The office is relocating from Gwinett Co. Georgia to the City of Decatur in DeKalb County, Georgia. At full capacity it will mean CCP has an operating base of 300 employees in the US.

"For digital entertainment companies, Georgia brings to bear a competitive set of resources for this industry that makes our state a strategic home for game developers like CCP," said Georgia Governor Nathan Deal.

"It is also encouraging to see an existing Georgia company expand and take full advantage of our state's progressive business atmosphere, and enhance its commitment to Georgia."

CCP was apparently interested in a mixture of big city amenities and home town atmosphere, both qualities it feels it has found in Decatur. Georgia itself also has a healthy digital industry, with solid infrastructure and interlinked college and university training programs attracting over 75 digital companies to the state.

Currently, CCP is working on the development of ambitious Eve console tie-in DUST 514 and MMO World of Darkness. Neither has a concrete release date yet, but both are likely to be on show at the Eve Fanfest in late March.

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